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Mijn PHP Projecten

School Projects

In this project I had to make a website with 3 classmates about a fictional tour in New York.

Within this group were 2 other groups of 2 people.

These were the responsibilities

Group 1:

  • The entire styling
  • Main page content
  • Source code folder structure
  • Translation from English to Dutch

Group 2:

  • Text styling for the weekdays
  • Content and documentation weekdays

I was in the 1st group myself and I feel like I made quite a bit of effort.

In this project I had to make a website with 2 classmates about different religions, an online museum excursion and a specific movie that we had to watch.

In this group we were able to complete everything together.

The responsibilities I had were:

  • Styling the text
  • Create the navbar
  • Find content for the Christianity page

This project had to be about the history of Brussels and various national points that are located there and some guest lessons that we received at school on various topics such as:

  • To undertake
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Money mules

I did not choose these topics myself but these were the options provided by the school.

1 of the big differences compared to all other projects is that this was the first project that had to make alone.

This was also the project we had the least time for.

We only had 3 days for this project to assemble and come up with everything.
Content, styling and website design all had to be done within this time frame.

And so I took all the styling from Project Week 2.

I would also like to mention that I am the person with the white hoodie 🙂

This project week was all about vitality and being healthy.

There were several workshops provided by the school and we had to complete and document them.

This site also had to be made alone. And since our school didn’t give us too much time, we had to make this within 2 days.

And so I made everything myself.

Personal/Professional Projects

This was a very small project I made for myself in the 3 weeks when school started to see how .JSON files worked and how I could link it to PHP.

After this I started to find out how databases work.

Logically, I now only use services such as:

  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • MariaDB

Other than that I haven’t made much with PHP on my own, but I mainly switched to C# and Python because that seemed more interesting to me.